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Solar Installation

Hydro bills are going higher and higher each year, we can help reduce that bill to zero. Let us show you exactly why hundreds of canadians have trusted their homes with Concord Solar!


Energy Efficiency Optimization

A small leak through a door or a window can cost your thousands in heating. At Concord Solar, we offer fully integrated home Energy Efficiency Optimization programs which will help save you a lot of green, Literally!


Home Automation

Looking to upgrade to an electric vehicle? Maybe you want to make sure your home’s heating system is up to date? No worries at all, At Concord Solar we can take care of all that for you!

Why Pick Concord?

We offer all our clients a lowest price guarantee, that way they can always be sure that they are getting great value! The badges illustrate this. Our main focus has always been on superior service at affordable prices. With more than 20+ years of experience & 7 days A week Availability, you can always be sure that we will be there for you. On time and ready to fix any problem you may have.

30+ Years Experience

5 Star Rating

7 Days A Week

Lowest Price Guarantee