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Curious to see how solar panels will look on your home? Wondering how many solar panels are feasible for your home? Let us show you exactly how your home will look and operate.

Hand in The Sun


Tired of paying hydro bills each month? Want to help out the environment while also making money? Solar panel installation is the way to go. Help do your part in reducing air pollution while also never having to pay another hydro bill by installing solar panels on your home!

Solar Finances

Financial Services

Most people think investing in stocks will have a high ROI, but for homeowners that is not true. Investing in solar panels will have an annual return which will be higher than most financial investments. Let us break down the financials for you and show you how you can turn your home into a money maker!

Why Pick Concord Solar?

Concord Solar offers a lowest price guarantee. Concord assures their clients that they will always be getting great value by offering to beat all competitors prices! The badges illustrate this.  Concord focuses on superior service at affordable prices. With more than 20+ years of experience & an accessible availability of 7 days per week, clients can always depend that Concord Solar will be there for them. Affordable and on time!

20+ Years Experience

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