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Concord Solar is one of the oldest & most trusted home solar panel installation companies in Vancouver. When looking for a solar panel installation in Vancouver, You should only go with the best & that is Concord Solar. Concord is made up of a team of professional electricians, roofers & Engineers who possess more than 20 years of real life in-field experience. At Concord, they always offer a Lowest Price Guarantee to every client which reassures them that get the most value for their dollar! Accredited, Certified & Licensed, there’s only one choice, and the choice is concord! 


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Solar Installation

Hydro bills are going higher and higher each year, we can help reduce that bill to zero. Let us show you exactly why hundreds of canadians have trusted their homes with Concord Solar!


Energy Efficiency Optimization

A small leak through a door or a window can cost your thousands in heating. At Concord Solar, we offer fully integrated home Energy Efficiency Optimization programs which will help save you a lot of green, Literally!


Home Automation

Looking to upgrade to an electric vehicle? Maybe you want to make sure your home's heating system is up to date? No worries at all, At Concord Solar we can take care of all that for you!

Quote Mark

“Ive been going to Kam and his team for many years. They've always been a great team of professionals!”

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Who Are We?

Dr. Kam Ajdari (PhD) has been into solar long before it was cool or popular. As you can see in the picture, Dr. Kam has worked with solar panels ever since finishing his PhD in physics back in 1991. With more than 30 years of industry experience, there is no better person to trust with your solar projects & home! 


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